Ivy Plus Endowment Data Thumbnail

Ivy Plus Endowment Data (2014 - 2024)

For this repo, I manually went through the endowment data of all Ivy Plus schools (Ivy League + UChicago, Stanford, Duke, CalTech, Hopkins, MIT) and compiled it into a .csv and a .xlsx file. The data is from 2014 - 2024, and contains the endowment value of each school for each year. This data is useful for anyone interested in the financials of these schools, or for anyone interested in the financials of schools in general. This data is also used in my "Graph of Ivy Plus Endowments" project, which can be found on the Projects page.

Billboard Top 100 Dataset Thumbnail

Record Labels of the Billboard Top 100 Artists

This repo contains the current list of Billboard Top 100 Artists and their record labels, listed on Wikipedia. The scraping function runs daily through github (at midnight UTC) so the data is always current. There are some errors, as the data is scraped from Wikipedia, an openly modifiable website, but the data is accurate for the most part.

Nobel Prize Dataset Thumbnail

Nobel Prizes by Academic Affiliations

This repo contains the lifetime academic affiliations of all nobel laureates (1901 - 2023). Academic affiliations are divided into alma matters and institutions. For example, Moungi Bawendi (2023) recieved his PhD from UChicago and is now a professor at MIT, so both are listed in their respective categories. It should be noted that this dataset is only as accurate as wikipedia. For example, UChicago has 99 nobel prizes as of 2023, yet this dataset only contains 96, as not all laureates have all of their academic affiliations listed on wikipedia. To see this data visually displayed, check out "Universities with the Most Nobel Prizes" on Projects.

US News College Rankings Dataset Thumbnail

Archive of U.S. News College Rankings (1984 - 2024)

This repo contains an archive of all US News national college rankings from 1984 to 2024. I collected the ranking data from several sources (including utiziling Python and the selenium library. This dataset contains a total of ~6000 datapoints, and contains the data in many formats (.csv, .json, .xlsx) in order to allow for use across all languages. To see this visually displayed, check out the "Graphing Tool" on Projects.

University Hex Colors Dataset Thumbnail

University Hex Colors

This repo contains the primary hex color codes associated with 100+ universities in the United States. I initially collected this data using OpenAI's GPT4 model, but then checked over each value by hand to ensure accuracy. I stored the data in .json file to allow for easy use across all languages, or easy modification in the case .json is not supported by a language. This data is also used in my US News Graphing Tool to determine the color of each schools graph.